Hi I’m PRANA ESTU, an Anahata yogi deeply interested in the yogic science of healing states of consciousness.
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Here, I will share my intention for the 5 Element Movement.
It is the intention of the Anahata Yoga lineage passed through from my teacher and his teacher, and his teacher before him.
“Open your heart’s intelligence and realise (make real) that you are a Divine Creator.”

With this in heart, the Anahata Yoga tradition and the 5 Element Form is shared and learned orally and experientially; through storytelling, relationships, community and an individual’s intimate dedication to practice rather than through books, physical achievements and certificates.

You are invited to join this beautiful tradition and practice yoga in a way that is not limited by a conventional hierarchical system or a typical yoga studio setting. Question your own internal hierarchy and determine the efficacy of your practice yourself. Weave the inner and physical movements into daily life.
This approach creates many ways of practicing and learning the 5 Element Form that are accessible and inclusive:

We gather outside (like the Tai Chi elders) to move together, we learn from each other.
Individually, we practice by weaving the movements and meditations into daily life.
Single movements or the series can be brought into a formal yoga class setting and merge with other styles of yoga.
Intense workshops provide a compact opportunity to learn and immerse in the integrity and entirety of the form. 

Teach me:
Earth’s sincerity,
Water’s curiosity,
Fire’s audacity,
Air’s immensity,
Akasha’s gentleness,
and I will be home everywhere.

Hari OM 🙂
Many blessings,


Hello I’m HANNA BALKE. Through practicing several dance styles I discovered that freedom of movement is a great inspiration for physical and mental health.
My practice of yoga started 20 years ago with Iyengar and hatha yoga. I immediately got hooked by the deeper understanding of life through physical movement. Vinyasa yoga became a natural evolution. The more dynamic and creative style of yoga brought freedom to the postures. When the need came for depth and slowing down, meditation found its way to complete a holistic approach, giving the mind and body space for reflection and renewal.

I’ve also researched and experienced many forms of healing and nourishing the body;
through alternative medicine with Ayurveda, the mystery of smell with Aromatherapy, and the pleasure of healthy food.

“Where our energetic & physical, mental & spiritual body come together, our true nature can develop and grow.”
Love, Hanna

Iyengar yoga, Yin yoga, Vinyasa yoga
Teachers training program 300hrs Vinyasa yoga at Antwerp Yoga

Flamenco and African dance
Contemporary dance at P.A.R.T.S summer school
Body Mind Centering Movement


 Practice LEVEL1 video.