5 Elements

“As above, so below. As within so without.”
The Elements connect you with both your external and internal universe.

EARTH represents stability, strength and support
AIR represents vitality, communication
FIRE represents creativity and ability to transform
WATER represents your ability to move around obstacles
AKASHA represents connection and surrendering to your mystery

22 Movements

Acknowledging the Elements
Parting Clouds East + West
Parting Clouds North + South
Dove Spreads its Wings (Shiva’s Dance of Love)
Circling Hips
Spinning the Water Wheel
Spiralling Bowls
Flying Goose
Shiva + Shakti Dance in the Clouds
Scooping Water
Circling Knees
Dance of Infinity
Swaying Tree
Row the Boat
Full Moon Rises
Playing With the Waves
Archer Draws his Bow
Pulling Silk Thread
Unite Sun + Moon
Unite Body + Mind
Simhasana (Lion’s Breath)